Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are your products keto-friendly?

  • We do have keto options now! (sweetened with Monk Fruit & Erythritol).  You can view the online menu or call the shop to see what we have on-hand.  250-493-1997
2. Do you use peanuts or other allergens?
  • Yes, peanuts are used in multiple products, and the chance for cross-contamination is almost certain. We use a number of allergens, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
3. Do you make gluten-free bread?
  • We don’t make it ourselves, but try to stay stocked with Jaide & Joel’s gluten-free bread from Kelowna.
4. Do you make cupcakes?
  • We don’t. All of our products are made to be eaten raw, so we don’t make baked goods.
  • We try our best to keep the full snack and cake menu up-to-date, which can be found at

5. How long do the cheesecakes last?

  • In the fridge we recommend consuming within 7-10 days (though sooner for ideal freshness), and in the freezer within 2 months.  They do set in the freezer when we make them, so you do have the option to specify that they are kept frozen upon order pickup.

 6. Do you have full cakes ready today?

  • We have a selection of ready-made 6″ cashew cheesecakes. If you’re wanting a specific flavour please place your order in advance
7. Are your oats certified gluten free?
  • Yes they are organic and certified gluten free.
8. What is your “beef” with dairy?