Gluten Free Bread Pre-Order 
From Jaide & Joel's Baking Co in Kelowna.

Gluten Free Bread
 Current Order Deadline:
  • Please let us know by 12pm on Saturday, December 30th, 2023 if you’d like to stock up on this bread for your freezer.
  • We’ll be placing an order for both Hearty Loaf and White Loaf.
  • We don’t anticipate these arriving from Kelowna until January 5th, though we’re waiting for confirmation.
  • You can email, or call 250-493-1997 with quantity and variety choice(s).
Order Details:
  • For first-time orders do request e-transfer prepayment to confirm your order, or call in advance with a credit card number if you prefer.
  • Loaves are $9.49/each, for 3+ loaves, or $9.99 for 1-2 loaves (no tax on groceries).
  • We’d appreciate prompt pickup within 2-3 days where the shop is open. (closed Sundays & Mondays).  We will let you know asap when they’ve arrived.
If you’d like to pre-order, please email, or call 250-493-1997 with quantity and variety choice(s).  Thanks so much!