How it works:

  1. Buy a 6″ cheesecake = get 1 stamp.   9″ cake = 2 stamps
  2. Collect 10 stamps and…
  3. Get your next regular 6″ cake FREE !

What about snacks?

  • You can collect a stamp for every $23 (after GST) spent on house-made snacks.

Terms and conditions:

  •  Rewards card can be obtained at time of purchase of a 6″ cheesecake or $23+ in snacks.
  • Grocery items not made in-house do not qualify for purchases towards a rewards stamp.
  • Card has no cash value.
  • 6″ regular cake does not apply to premium selections.  To redeem 10 stamps for a premium cake (i.e. Cranberry Orange, Tiramisu, Turtle, Peanut Buster, etc) the difference in value can be paid at the time of redemption.  
  • Must collect stamp at time of purchase,.  If card is forgotten, you may take another card to be stamped (subject to availability). 
  • Up to three cards can be redeemed at once if the sum equals 10 stamps between them.
  • 10 stamps can only be redeemed for 6″ cakes.  No substitutions (sorry!)