Now Hiring: Kitchen Staff

Job Summary: 

  • Work with a team of passionate individuals who share the goal of making nutritious and delicious treats for the public.

  • Greet customers and eventually complete transactions at the cash register.

  • Maintain a clean and FoodSafe kitchen, which includes washing dishes, cleaning surfaces, etc.

  • Prepare product packaging such as boxes, parchment squares, labels, etc.


Job location:



  • Beginning approximately 15 hours per week, with an opportunity for more hours after probation period, up to full-time.

  • 3-5 shifts/week.

  • Generally 12:00pm-5:00pm, though we have a flexible work environment where adjustments came be accommodated on a case by case basis.

  • Shop is open Tuesday-Saturday.  



  • Hourly beginning at $14.60/hr.

  • Paid breaks throughout the day.


Candidate Qualities:  

  • Attention to detail, keen eye and steady hands for precise recipes and packaging products.

  • Self-starter with an ability to focus and work efficiently. 

  • Able to stand for long periods of time.

  • Growth Mindset: Willing to take instructions and apply them when unsupervised.

  • Customer focused: Must care about the customer experience.

  • Team oriented: Willing to alternate tasks with Gratify teammates while keeping a positive outlook.

  • Asset but not required: Foodsafe Level 1.

  • Asset but not required: Ability to take on up to 30 hours per week between Tuesday-Saturday as the company grows.

  • Non-smoker due to food contact.

How to apply: Please email resume to